Benefits of Babywearing


Babywearing - there is more to it than just convenience!

Babywearing describes the act of carrying your baby in a baby carrier. If you ask most parents who use a baby carrier why they chose to utilize this parenting tool, most will give you the same answers:

 “To get stuff done”

After babies are born they go through a period referred to as “the fourth trimester” Babies are adjusting to their new life Earth-side and they look to their caregivers for comfort often. You most likely spend countless hours per day carrying your baby in arms to comfort him/her. This constant need for being held is usually the main driving factor that prompts parents to invest in a baby carrier. Using a carrier enables parents to hold their babies and keep their hands free for other things - like caring for siblings, housework, eating etc

 There are many additional benefits to using a baby carrier.

10 benefits to Babywearing!

  1. Go places a pram can’t go! - have you ever tried to go bushwalking with a pram?! Or push a pram on the sand at the beach? Baby carrier to the rescue!
  2. Supports breastfeeding – increased physical contact between mother and baby increases the mother’s oxytocin hormone levels which assist in the production of breast milk
  3. Allows for discreet breastfeeding – Breastfeeding in a carrier is a learned skill. Both breastfeeding and babywearing should be well established before attempting to breastfeed in a carrier but it most definitely can be done!
  4. Strengthens the bond between baby and carer
  5. Babies cry less! – When babies feel secure and that their needs are being met they tend to cry less. Babywearing has been shown to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) in babies.
  6. Promotes healthy spinal and hip development
  7. Allow parents to be hands-free – This is particularly helpful for parents with more than one child. Anyone that has tried to carry a baby in arms or push a baby in a pram while caring for a toddler will tell you how logistically challenging that can be!
  8. Reduces baby’s exposure to germs! By keeping baby close to you while out and about strangers are less likely to invade your personal space to try and touch your baby. Many new parents do not feel comfortable passing their baby around for cuddles in a social setting, wearing your baby in a carrier will discourage people from asking to hold your baby
  9. Reduces flat head syndrome
  10. Can reduce Post Natal Depression – babywearing has been shown to reduce PND by giving mothers a tool to meet baby’s needs without having to actively interact. The increased contact increases the production of oxytocin which is often referred to as the “happy hormone” which can help improve mother mood.

Moondani Waratah

 *While babywearing can be a tool to assist with PND if you feel that you are suffering with any sort of mental illness please seek professional help*

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