Milk Mate Silicone Breast Pumps – Why they are an invaluable tool for breastfeeding mothers

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Silicone breast pumps, sometimes called milk catchers, are a form of manual pump made from 100% food-grade silicone materials. They are designed to express breast milk using suction.

Extremely portable
Relieve occasional pressure
Catch milk from let downs that would otherwise be wasted

Breastfeeding mother holding silicone breast pump

How do I use it?

Simply position the flange over the nipple, give the pump a slight squeeze, and once the pump is in the desired position release the pump and allow the pump to suction onto the breast. Once attached you don’t need to do anything more! Let the suction do its thing! Personally I find giving the pump a slight squeeze periodically encourages more milk flow but if you squeeze too hard to risk losing suction.

To clean your pump simply wash with hot soapy water and sterilise using your chosen sterilisation method (I used a microwave sterilizer) The Milk Mate is also dishwasher safe!

Will I still need an electric pump?

The silicone pump is not designed for full time expressing. It will not empty the milk out of your breasts in the same way that an electric bump or your baby would. The silicone pump works best when your breasts are full and while feeding your baby on the opposite side.

If you intend to exclusively pump or express large volumes of milk your silicone pump would best be used in conjunction with a hospital-grade electric pump.

You can use your silicone pump in conjunction with your electric pump by attaching your silicone pump to the opposite side resulting in a double pump!

As a mum with one overproducing super boob, despite owning an electric double pump I chose to use my silicone pump on the overproducing side and the electric pump on the underperforming side. This way I was stimulating the side that needed it and simply catching the letdown of my super boob. I found this helpful for regulating milk production on both sides.

No spilled milk here!

Milk Mate silicone breast pumpThe Milk Mate silicone breast pump features an innovative attachment point to hook the supplied lanyard. Using the lanyard means if your pump loses its suction and the pump falls off the breast, your milk will not spill!


My baby had a habit of wanting to either help me hold the pump or kick it off. Having the lanyard attached to my neck gave me peace of mind that if I did lose hold of the pump it wouldn’t fall onto the lounge or floor and spill everywhere.

Each Milk Mate silicone breast pump comes with a dust cap which also doubles as a stand for your pump. This is particularly useful if you need to put the pump down for a moment while you settle your baby, swap sides, or while you prepare your chosen breast milk storage method.

Make every drop count with your Milk Mate!

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