Woven Wrap Size Guide

What Size Wrap Should I Use?

Woven Wraps come in a variety of sizes. The appropriate size depends on the wearer, the wearee and the types of carries required.

As a general guide the average person's "Base size wraps" is a size 6. The base size is the most versatile and will enable the wearer the complete the most amount of carries.
Petite wearers are generally able to use a size 5 as their base
Plus sized wearers may be more comfortable with a size 7 as their base.

Size 2 Wrap = approx 2.7 metres
Size 3 Wrap =  approx 3.2 metres
Size 4 Wrap = approx 3.6 metres
Size 5 Wrap = approx 4.2 metres
Size 6 Wrap = approx 4.6 metres
Size 7 Wrap = approx 5.2 metres
Size 8 Wrap = approx 6 metres