Splash About Happy Nappy - Shark Orange
Splash About Happy Nappy - Shark Orange
Splash About Happy Nappy - Shark Orange
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Splash About Happy Nappy - Shark Orange

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 Shark Orange Happy Nappy

The multi award winning Splash About Happy Nappy:

Recommended by all major swim schools

Shark Orange features a dark blue background with light blue sharks and bright orange contrast on the legs and the waistband.

Made from high quality 1mm neoprene for a comfortable fit in a vast range colours and styles to suit all tastes. The original Splash About Happy Nappy does not need to be worn with a disposable swim nappy.
Ergonomically designed to move with the baby as they kick and move about in the water, the Happy Nappy is shaped to cup baby’s bottom, whilst specialist waist and thigh ribs fit snugly to the child’s body, forming a seal that prevents any solids leaking out.
The BEST reusable swim nappy on the market. 
There is no compromise on fabric quality and as with all our products, it is built to last. Take your baby swimming in these stylish swim pants without risk of leaking.

  • Unique patented design for the best protection against fecal leaks
  • Technologically advanced for the best fit and comfort
  • Ergonomic panel design moves as your child moves
  • UPF50+ for that extra sun protection

The Happy Nappy by Splash About is an innovative reusable swim nappy that reliably protects against faecal leaks into the water. Happy Nappy is comfortable, warm and easy to care for. 
To prevent any leaks into the swimming pool, ensure you use the new and improved Happy Nappy from Splash About – Changing the world one bottom at a time.