Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy wraps are long pieces of specially manufactured fabric that you tie around yourself and your baby to secure your baby to your body.

These wraps are made from a blend of bamboo and spandex which give them that signature stretch ultra-soft feel! Perfect for newborns!

Stretchy wraps are best suited to the newborn stage (minimum 3kgs) with a maximum weight of up to approximately 8-10kgs.

Stretchy wraps are:
Buttery Soft Comfort, Lightweight & Breathable.
* Hypoallergenic for parents & babies with sensitive skin.
* Thermo-regulating, keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter
* Certified 'Hip-Healthy' from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

 Once you notice your baby is beginning to sag in the carrier from their weight or it is not feeling supportive as it once was, it may be time to upgrade your carrier to something more supportive.