My baby hates being worn!

Does your baby cry every time you put them in your baby carrier? Try these tips!

Some babies settle and snuggle into a baby carrier straight away, but this is not always the case! Before you ditch the carrier and give up on babywearing completely check these common reasons that your baby may be fussing!

1. Hungry – try again when your baby has settled after a feed

2. Tired –  When babies are tired or overstimulated they are more likely to fuss when being introduced to the new sensation of being carried in a carrier. Try using your carrier through the day when your baby is settled and happy.

3.Nappy Change – Ensure your baby does not have a wet or soiled nappy.

4. Wind/Tummy Upsets – You could try some gentle massage bicycle legs for relieving trapped gas.

5. Teething – Check for tell-tale teething signs of flushed cheeks, excessive drool, biting/sucking on anything and everything! There is not an awful lot you can do to alleviate teething pain but you could try offering a teething toy for bub to suck on (the extra distraction may help as well)

6. Baby’s Clothing – Check to see if your baby’s clothing is bunching up or putting pressure on their body. Take notice if your baby is wearing a footed onesie that the suit has not ridden up and putting pressure on baby’s little toes! Pull on the end of the toes of the onesie away from bub to ensure the foot is not tight against your baby’s foot or dress baby is clothes that do not have enclosed feet.

7.  New Sensations – Start Slow. Don’t expect to use your baby carrier for a long period of time for the first time. It may take some time for them to get used to being in a carrier. Try putting your baby in your carrier for short durations throughout the day when they have recently been fed, are happy and not tired. If bub starts to fuss remove them from the carrier and try again later in the day. 

8. Movement – Try gently swaying from side to side, bouncing or patting your baby.

9. Insecurity – Babies can sense our stresses, anxiety, and insecurities. Practice with a teddy or doll until you feel more confident with how to use your carrier. If your stress is related to an external source try again when you are feeling more relaxed.

10. Check the fit of the carrier

  •  Is your baby centered in the carrier?
  • Is your baby supported from knee to knee
  • Are your baby's knees higher than their bottom and around belly button height
  • Is the carrier the right size?
  • Is the carrier being worn to high or low?
  • Is the carrier being worn correctly?

 11. The carrier itself – not all carriers are made equal and every carrier fits everyone differently. Your baby may simply just not like the way it feels!

If you have tried all the tips above and your baby still fusses every time you use your carrier I highly recommend heading to your local sling meet or contact me @ or your local babywearing consultant for personalized advice. Sometimes the smallest tweak can make all the difference to both yours and your babies' comfort.

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